Points given for XORSUB

I got 30 pts for my solution to the problem XORSUB on the first day of the contest. The next day I got to know that the test data for XORSUB was updated and all the solutions were rejudged, as a result I got 100 for that same solution :-). Now, when I was checking my rank on the ranking page, I noticed that I have got 30 pts for that solution. Can anybody tell me what’s going on??

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Same here, I wrote to CodeChef admins and they sent the information to problem setters. Unfortunately there is no new announcement on contest page…

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Same here. But if you go and see the solution on which you got 100… you will see that it failed for the new test cases. Not sure how it was showing 100 for some duration. I guess only option is to try n get 100 for new test cases. Good luck!!!

I got 100 on my old solution and after the update it came down to 0. :expressionless:

Same happened with me. I guess they changed their test cases.

Lol !!! :smiley:

So you are the one of those with insufficient solution, but passing the original test cases :wink:

Take it as an achievement - you hacked it = you had a solution they were not prepared for :wink:

Good luck in correcting it :wink:


I already know the fault in my algo. At first, I just submitted the code to see, if by chance, it is accepted or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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