Points in the Challenge Question(COVDSMPL)

Does anyone knows why in Challenge Question, points rewarded are reduced after sometime??
Is it relative to the points scored by the highest one(in our case we have to minimise)?

Because better and better solutions come up during the course and hence your score(which is relative to best existing solution) decreases.


In the constraints of challenge problem it is written N=60
Does it mean that it will always be 60 and not less than 60??


ok thnx!

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Thanks mate!! But they don’t have particular solutions??.. Like always, they share the editorials…

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No, there is no particular solution, that is why it is tie breaker. The one who optimizes more gets better points. Editorial is there regarding what all approaches can be possible.

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the score is relative, so your initial points decrease if an answer better than yours is submitted later

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then why it asking for taking input N

Generally in challenge problems, for different test files the constraints are fixed but different. Like 2 test files has N=100, 3 test files have N=500 and so on.
In this case all test files have fixed values. They are given only to define the problem more formally. This is what I think.

Can any one tell me do we have to calculate the score by our self or the grader will do it on its own .

@chetan_9 the online judge does that.