POLL: Idea to curb cheating

Another long event passed with again thousands of cheaters. Now we need to see the opinion of every single person of Codechef regarding measures to curb cheating
Here are some of the ideas, Please select the best option of your choice. Your choice might make a difference in the community

  1. Run MOSS check after every event.

  2. Make long events unrated from future.

  3. Make it mandatory to attempt a short event in order to get rating for a long event.

  4. Show one problem per day on decreasing difficulty in order to get more time for harder problems and lesser time for easier problems.

  5. Make a TICKETING system where we can generate a complaint ticket of cheating and Codechef will give status of our complaint by inserting the ticket number

Please select the idea NUMBER from above
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Any suggestions from your side , then please comment below.