[POLL] Which Question's Editorial are you excited about?

Hi :smiley: ,

I got the chance to serve as editorialist for this long. I want to know that which question you guys are really excited about. As in, which question’s editorial you are most eagerly awaiting!

Not only will that help me to prioritize writing of editorials, but also let me know which editorial I should put extra effort to add educational value and/or bonus content. :slight_smile:

PS: The thread is locked so that no contest rule gets violated unintentionally due to any comment/discussion.

  • Breaking Bricks
  • Chef and Dynamo
  • Doraemon
  • Equality
  • Chefina and Prefix Suffix Sums
  • (Challenge) Building Anthills
  • English
  • Doofish Matrix
  • OWCA Files
  • Army of Me
  • Chefland Army

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