Poor Bengali Translation in August Challenge 2019

This Long contest’s Bengali Translation is so poor. Please try to make translations good, and try to make the sentences as simple as possible from next contests please.

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Hello. I am the Bengali translator. Thanks for your feedback. I will go through all of the statements and if there’s any problem with any statement, I will provide necessary correction. It would have helped me if you could be a bit more specific. For example, which problem and which section did you feel difficult to understand?

And about the simple sentences, I try to keep the sentences of the Bengali statement same as the English statement. If the English statement has a long sentence with a lot of ‘and’ and ‘,’, I don’t break them into simple sentences. I keep the structure of the Bengali sentence same as the English one so that no confusion creates between the author’s meaning and the translator’s meaning.

Anyway, from the next contests I will try to break complex sentences to simple sentences if possible.