Popular rice recipe.getting wrong answer

link: https://www.codechef.com/problems/TIDRICE

Iam using two loops and an additional array to keep track of the strings that are already encountered along with their last position…dunno where I’am missing…pls help

Okay, I could not see your Solution, but here is my Logic, if you are familiar with the Collection Package of java.util, it is a cakewalk for you, and incase you dont know this, you have to apply serious logic.

Just Use a HashMap < String,Integer > to store the votes corresponding to a USER-Id.

And then sum all the votes.

Here is my solution. Solution

Hi harry,

if you dont want to use collection then here is my solution :-https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/6606934

first input string then search if this string already exist in string array then update sign(+,-) if + then +1 if - then -1 in array

if string not exist(in case of new vote) then insert the name at last and store the sign(+,-) +1 for + and -1 for -

and finally count :slight_smile:

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Your link is broken brother. please correct it. :slight_smile:


link is not working may be your solution is private please correct it

the solution link is still broken. :frowning:

posting question for the first time…hope now it works

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This one is better…But i was trying to solve without hashmap…thanks

sb is our string array in which we are storing every new name

and a is integer array that stores +1 and -1 according to last vote of that person

i hope it was easy if you have any doubt then ask :slight_smile:

It really helped…trying to implement…thanks

Understood thoroughly…Thanks :slight_smile:

ha ha ha :slight_smile:

well till now i never used collection library in any of my 300+ submission

but i use hash map concept manually for less execution time :slight_smile: