Posand codechef long

Question link:-https://www.codechef.com/OCT20B/problems/POSAND/

solution link:-https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/38711580

Please check the code , I was getting wrong answer for two test cases . I don’t know what I did wrong but as far as I know this code should have worked. let me know if you know the reasonn of failure.

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You are checking if N is a power of 2 first, Then the condition for n == 1 won’t work because you have already printed “-1” for it. Answer for N = 1 is 1 your code is giving -1.

Just wrong placements of conditions. :confused:

# cook your dish here
import math
# Function to check
# if x is power of 2
def isPowerOfTwo(n):
    return (math.ceil(math.log2(n)) ==

seq = [i for i in range(1,100000)]
seq[0] = 2
seq[1] = 3
seq[2] = 1
for i in seq:
    if i <= 3:
    elif isPowerOfTwo(i-1):
        seq[i-1] = i-1
        seq[i-2] = i
t = int(input())
while t>0:
    if n==1:
    elif n==3:
        print('1 3 2')
    elif isPowerOfTwo(n):
        print(' '.join([str(i) for i in seq[0:n]]))

        # for i in range(1,n+1):
        #     if(i == 1):
        #         pass
        #     else:
        #         if(seq[i-1] & seq[i-2] == 0):
        #             print('anomaly' + str(seq[i-1]) + ':' + str(seq[i-2]) + 'for n=' + str(i))

My solution. Even with this, the task#3 fails. This is more than placement of conditions

if you are talking about input 1 it’s not even the test case I think I by mistake removed it but before that also (when It was printing 1 for input 1)it was showing the same error .

PS:- I am getting error in test case of original constraint (I got 50 points for this solution )

can you tell any test cases in which my code fails to give correct solution?


If you are talking about this solution, It is failing because your code is giving “-1” on when N==1, but correct answer is “1” at input “1”.


Which you have corrected here.

The mistake which you made was in this part:

		if (a != 0 && (a & (a - 1)) == 0)
		cout << -1 <<endl;
	else if (a == 1)
		cout << 1 <<endl;

Here you are checking if N is power of 2, So 1 is basically power of 2 so it will cout “-1”

But in correct solution you are checking:

    int n;
    cin >> n;
    if (n == 1)
        cout << 1 << endl;

You are checking if n is 1 then you are doing cout “1” which is correct.

You can see by giving input 1 in both partial and correct solutions.

I used your correct solution with N = 1: https://ideone.com/QSUO63
I used your partial solution with N = 1: https://ideone.com/Y3grUf

Getting different values for N = 1.

This problem has contradictory constraints. In the first place, they mention 1<=i<N. Which clearly implies N>1. In the bottom, they mention N>=1. This is not just contradictory but also wrong. You can’t have a sequence of a single element if your condition requires at least 2 elements to hold true.