Possible bug in rating change

Look at april cook-off rating change. How can one get a positive rating change of 171 on getting such low rank? I think it’s a bug.

Its not a bug. Its intended :slight_smile:

No, its not like what you think though XD

See Div2 ranklist- \approx 1145 people participated. Further all of the submissions of that guy in that contest are withdrawn- this means he is caught for plagiarism by the MOSS detector and must contact @admin . Hope that clears your doubt.

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Well looks like he was caught in plagiarism and all his submissions were dropped. That’s why that rank.

For now Codechef just drops the submissions of users caught cheating. They are yet to decide further course of action. Hence his ratings weren’t dropped.

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They are yet to decide further course of action. Hence his ratings weren't dropped.

Thats incorrect to say that no action is taken. The current course of action is to inform the respective people about the status, and wait for some time for their reply. Depending on that, do the rest.

You’re right there.
But are ratings really dropped? I know of so many profiles which got caught but their ratings are intact.

“It’s not a bug. It’s intended :)”

How is it intended? Shouldn’t it be -171 for plagiarism @vijju123?

Wouldn’t want to do -171 before hearing from him. Hence, intended :slight_smile:

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They take as much as 6 months for that. Something makes it a tedious and slow process for them. I dont know the exact mechanics though :confused:


Yup. See, I said action is taken XD