Possible Plagiarism

please take this into consideration.
almost same code with different variable’s name




I think the same person submitted it.

Bro can u figure out this guy @chiragjainn … is this real or fake ID.

this code is also same @admin


can u find whether this solution matches with someone’s code
Expected change : https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/29770312
CHEFRAIL : https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/29773467

@admin @vijju123 same solution submitted by multiple users.


There are many who copy code so smartly that you will never be able to identify the difference between the original and copied code! The sad part is, not much you can do about it! People go to any extent and copy solutions to increase their ratings and then show off later. LOL! They don’t understand the simple fact that it won’t help them in the long run. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Except for two varible name changes, it looks exactly the same to me


(it doesn’t work in long run only if they want to do great in icpc or such onsite contests)

if they just want good jobs …
Sadly…it works for many
many cheat in hiring tests also (even if there is a web cam)
u can see so many posting pics of hiring contests …
they could send the same pic to their friends and cheat
i know people who create multiple accounts with multiple mails …see all questions of hiring test (by covering their face) and somehow getting solutions and solving them
Many get interview opportunities as well
so sadly cheating works for many

so if u code because u will get upper hand in the long run…u are doing it the wrong way…
if u code because u like it and u find joy when u do well… then u will be happy

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if they just want good jobs …
Sadly…it works for many
many cheat in hiring tests also (even if there is a web cam)

True, but that’s why many of them have multiple rounds of interviews to filter such candidates out. What’s truly sad is when some companies just let such candidates get selected for an HR interview directly after its online coding round.

Yes, this is the harsh reality which sadly cannot be stopped! Instead this is increasing day by day. If people cheat and do not get caught it motivates others to follow the same path! And because of this plagiarism, if your ratings drop or you are not able to get a job, it SUCKS!