Possible update to language support

In the current system, a lot of languages are shown in the supported list and (afaik) variations in time & memory constraints are dealt with by applying constant multipliers.

What I’ve observed is that only C/C++ really work here. Python & Java may do the job occasionally.
Which is to be expected, as C/C++ are a must for extreme end performance.
Plus, setters/testers have very limited bandwidth to implement solutions in different languages & differences in languages can’t accurately be reduced to constant multipliers.

The following 2 improvements are possible to make the system more transparent to users,

  1. A new section for each problem, called “Tested Languages”. This will contain only the languages for which at least 1 solution exists that passes (may be setter’s, tester’s or competitors).
    -> This not only hints the users about when they are in uncharted territory, but also allows for nice features such as filtering problems tested on your language of choice.

  2. Variable multipliers for tested languages that authors can tweak.
    -> I have never viewed the system from author’s perspective, so my knowledge is limited on this part.

Personally, the language that I really love solving problems in is Haskell & would love to see which problems are known to be nice with it.
I’d also love to know when I can safely switch to Python in competitions to avoid most of the verbosity.


@admin @vijju123 any thoughts on this?