Possibly incorrect problem BESTSUM


I have spent a couple of hours on the task BESTSUM: https://www.codechef.com/problems/BESTSUM

Eventually, I have got AC, but I think that the problem is very likely to be incorrect. It has a low accepted rate (for a relatively easy problem), and there are no constraints on K, P and Ai. I assumed them to be long longs, but I got AC after changing them to ints! The other parts of the code are exactly the same. Check out my submissions: https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/16149420 (WA) and https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/16149346 (AC). It seems that there is an overflow in tests.

Hopefully, this problem will be corrected or removed. At least someone struggling with the problem could find this post :slight_smile:

I am so sorry @karolis_kusas , I think I didnt even reply to your previous thread. We all really appreciate that you report such bugs- and I report it to @admin who gets it fixed within a day (be it weak test cases, or unclear problem statement).

Currently @admin is busy dealing with ICPC, its ranklist ,plagiarism checking and addressing the issues cropped during the contest. Please wait just till they publish the results- once she is free to breathe again, I will find a suitable time to give additional work to her :3 XDXDXD.

But in all seriousness, I am sorry for the delay. Just let them get a little relaxed from ICPC, they will be free to hear all queries then :slight_smile:

Hi, it should hopefully be fixed now.

Hi, hopefully, you are free now. Please consider crediting laddus for oct long.
I wonder jaise yeh bugs fix karne mai ek saal laga tha vaise laddus credit karne mai ek saal nahi lagega.

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It should be done by this weekend @aryanc403

@aryanc403: The admin has considered your request. Oru varudathukul unakku laddu vanthu seernthuvidum ena ennakku nambikkai irrukirathu.

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lol used google translate but google translate failed. :stuck_out_tongue:
Google - There is no need to change the number of times a week.
What I understood was you translated @vijju123 comment in Tamil. xD

No, his comment meant that “You’d get a lump (of laddus, hopefully :p) in a year.”. Used Google translate, with a small hack :wink:

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Now I failed to understand this comment. xD

In short, he says that there are very high chances of you receiving the laddus within a year :slight_smile:


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Yes, chances are high that I will get some laddu in next hr.
Be it a birthday party, a wedding celebration, or an examination result, Laddu is the first thing you will get to lay your hands on.
Source - What are CodeChef Laddus?

@aryanc403 He means he strongly believes that you will get your laddus within an year.

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