Post-contest submitting the problems

I participated in the recent JUNE long challenge. It was fun I solved more than my expectation. But one thing that I didn’t like about CodeChef is that if someone tries to submit the question which got WA then CodeChef should show the test cases on which it got WA. In this way, we can improve our logic rather than just seeing the standard solution by the problem setter. Comment your replies if you feel the same…

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Thats what codeforces does better.


That’s not happening. Period.


totally agreed!

No because when you would be giving real contests like ICPC, you won’t be getting any such facility.

Read the Title of this post :
“Post-Contest submitting the problems”
He is not asking for providing the test cases (for WA) while the contest is running.

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Yes exactly

i think not, providing test cases in practice clots learning. in real time, no one will tell where your solution fails, you have to fig it out yourself. its actually plus point of code-chef. otherwise you will simply check weather code fails and improve on it till you finally get to the solution. even a non coder can do that.

@zedakye07 @blank_kami agreed but this should only be done after the contest ends. This way satisfies both of u

@sid_121212 if done in practice it will root down to form habit. which is equally damaging.

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