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Here is the expected ranklist of Amritapuri region 2019.

Don’t forget to read the assumptions.

Also, regarding other regions, team names are not available as spreadsheet. I don’t have enough knowledge to scrap from baylor site.

Thanks to repo by @worldfinal

This seems wrong. Many of the teams including ours have been skipped even if we are top from our institution excluding the ones in top 80

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I think the spreadsheet provided in amritapuri site might not be updated. I have compiled similar list with same assumptions (only change being top 75 instead of 80), and used baylor site data. Various teams are missing here as mentioned by @random1027

Check it out: ICPC 2019-20 Amritapuri expected ranklist (assuming 75 best team slots)

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@vijju123 can u pls close the topic. This seem to be wrong. Also, I noticed similar post already available.
Also, I am unable to open discuss on laptop. On both chrome and Firefox. Loads for some time, title comes up in title bar, then nothing. Content is just empty. I am able to access from mobile but not from laptop even though it’s using same mobile’s hotshot. Tried clearing cookies, no avail.

Is that a issue on the site or just my laptop …

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Yes. There were many college names that are different in ranks and spreadsheet.