Postman intern hiring test

Did anyone get selected for further rounds at the postman intern hiring test?

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how many problems you solved?

how did you get to know about the test??


yeah, how do people know about upcoming tests? I wanna know


When did this even happen?

2 problems partially.

i applied to their career website and got the test link in the mail

27-30 anytime in bw

I applied to careers website of Postman a month ago and then got the link on 27th August.

they are looking for experience holders i think

probably not because the title of the position was SDE-intern 2021

Was it specifically SDE Intern or something else. Right now, it shows Software engineer Backend/Frontend/Fullstack and all requires 1-2 years of experience

how many did u?

I don’t know about the current scenario, but when I submitted the application, it was for SDE intern

all 3

can someone tell me where do you get notification for such drives , or any resourses for offcampus drives and internship


be active on linkedin