Practice buddy

I’ve been doing CP since April and I’ve not made much progress. I perform horribly in contests and I’m a newbie in codeforces which is quite embarrassing. I’m looking for a practice buddy so that we can improve faster. My aim is to become a specialist in ~2 months.

Ideally, your rating should be similar to mine (3* in codechef and newbie/pupil in codeforces).
I usually practice at 22:00 IST (but almost any time is fine during quarantine).
You should be able to chat via voice in discord (English or Hindi, whichever works best for you).
If you’re preparing for ZCO/INOI, that’s a huge plus, although that’s not necessary.
School students are preferred (if there is ICPC for schools this year, we can make a team :stuck_out_tongue:).

If you’re in a similar situation and are interested to improve, please reply with your discord username and I’ll add you (if there are multiple people, I’ll make a server).

Hi, @therealnishuz, I won’t be able to be your practice buddy, but we can work together.
I’m a student of Class 10, I wrote ZIO last year, got full score, and went on to score 32 at last year’s INOI, a bad score, since it was my first time and I freaked out.

To be honest, I know C++ well, but I’m not so good at CP despite having gone to the INOI and all, because I had qualified because of ZIO last year, which was the easiest paper since 2000 :smiley:. I know a bit of DP and Graph Theory, but I’m very bad at both of them. I’m yearning to improve and do well this year. I don’t have a CC rating, so it doesn’t meet your criteria. Anyways, if you think we can work together, though not much on Discord and stuff, you can give me your mail address, and I can mail you. All the best :smiley:

Wow! Full in ZIO is amazing!
INOI’20 was very easy tbh, I regret not starting CP early xD.
It’s fine if you don’t have a rating just due to the fact that you qualified for INOI. But we can definitely work together. I prefer discord though, mail is kinda outdated for communication.
Anyways, my mail ID is It’s better if you make a discord account. It’s very easy to communicate.

That’s nice ! My parents don’t really like the idea of using voice chat, and they hate Discord, they believe it is a distraction, so they won’t allow me to have an account. I’ll regularly mail you tho, so we can keep in touch constantly ! All the best :smiley: