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Hello guys, hope you all are doing well.

As most of the time, we are always looking for some consistent problem set to practice in the best way. But I can’t find the most amazing set of problems other than from CodeChef LongChallenge. Do you know the best coders of their time have at least prepared one of their best problems for long challenges? But it is quite difficult to categorize problems based on contests, so I did the difficult part for you :slight_smile:

Here you can find the link of every problem from the first long challenge.
Find it here

(I’m currently working on some ways to provide problems appropriate difficulty rating, so all the suggestions are welcomed.)

If you have any feature requests or any query you can ask it here.

- Practice Chef

(btw, I’m using / I have used, CodeChef API for fetching problems and user submissions)


1) Do I need to create an account for practicechef ?
No, you don’t need to create any account, you only need to use login with codechef.

2) How much of our information is shared with practicechef ?
We can only access your public information like your username and rating. We can’t see or modify any of your private information or submission.

Feel free to ask any query here.


Nice Website :raised_hands:

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Very Nice Website!!!

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Nice Brother

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Nice work! :raised_hands:

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Very helpful👍🏻

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Suggestion:- You can add a button for editorials against every problems

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add lunchtime and cook-off problems too, thanks


Thanks for giving suggestion. I think it is quite difficult to get editorial URL since each URL has some random id. We will try to do some work on it :slight_smile:

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Sure, we are working on adding lunchtime and cook-off too in later updates :slight_smile:

Really Helpful :raised_hands:

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Nice brother