Practice Contests : Stop asking Previous Year Problems

In most of the big contests, if there is any practice round, It is usually observed that just copy paste of the previous year problem is given…
Actually, (almost) everyone actually solves these problem before participating. So, It becomes very boring.
Example : ICPC online practice round, Also I got to know in ICPC regional practice rounds, just previous year problem is given.
So, I think It would be better to ask new problems if possible…
If it is not feasible to set new questions just or practice round, Even asking random questions from other contest would be better.

Everyone please suggest your opinion here on this.
And let them decide.

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Yes the constraint is that we cannot give time for making questions for practice round. So many things can crop up, biggest being division of focus.

But the idea of practice contest is to give an idea of what type of questions can be asked, in that sense it makes sense if previous year/round’s problem are there. So I will rather vote to keep it.


So, Maybe asking 5-6 years ago problems would be better.
because everyone practices 2-3 years questions before.

Thing is, “practice round” is only for checking logging in. So most probably @admin is going to ask “Whats wrong with current pattern - the aim is to check logging in and it works just fine?”. Its not intended to be a contest to practice for contest next day but as a contest to see if you can login. Nevertheless, I will see if we can take your suggestion :slight_smile:

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