Practice Problem count is not getting updated

I’ve been solving the practice problems for the past 3 hrs, but their count is not getting updated in the “Problem Solver - Bronze Badge” count. It’s showing 133 only . I’ve solved more than 20 problems and it’s still 133.

Also, In the practice page, even after solving the problems from the un-attempted list, they are not moving to attempted(status is Accepted - But they are still in Un-attempted list).


hey… did this got resolved for you… I’m also facing the same issue since past couple of days now… I even wrote a mail to codechef but they doesn’t seem to care

Hey @shubham27dec, are you solving problems in practice or learning paths?

@justani till now learning path only

Hey @shubham27dec, it is resolved now.

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same problem !
i solved 5 more problems today but it’s still 162 ~!

how to resolve it i am also facing the same issue