Practice questions reordered

I observe reordering in the practice questions. Earlier, there was a collection of problems in the beginner tab of practice, but now only the problems which have 1000+ successful submissions are retained.

Can someone throw some insight into the reordering method? On what basis the questions have been reordered and what is the motive behind reordering.

There was an issue where some problems in Practice were shown to have 0 Successful Submissions even if they had many submissions. That was fixed recently. And that would have reordered the problems a bit, because the default order is ascending order of Successful Submissions.

But the set of problems should, hopefully, not have changed. Let us know if you’ve noticed something contrary to this.

And the 1000+ that you see is just coincidental. It just happens that the least solved problem in the Beginner section now has around 1000 ACs.

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I believe that the number of questions has been reduced in the beginner section, although I am not sure. It is just my gut feeling that is saying. You may cross-verify with your back-end if this is the case or not.


There was a sudden decrease of my problems solved count in my practice section.

1 Like (“Phone Prices”) seems to have disappeared.

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Its not an isolated incident.

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