Practice/Virtual contests on Codechef

Respected Coders and @admin,
I believe that Codechef should have a virtual contest feature where the user can take part in a past contest under the same ranklist created in a virtual environment just like Codeforces or AtCoder.
I understand that not all contests can be made available for practice but at least the Codechef’s Cook-Off and Lunchtime can be. Its a request to @admin and all Codechef users to vote/other opinions for it.


Yes @admin It would be great help for the beginners. And it would be great too that after solving atleast 5 problem, a user can join in discuss group. Because, I have seen that A new user(without try to solve the problem) asking for solution and the error of their code in discuss.

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We really need this!

Yes I think virtual contests should also be made available on codechef platform.It will be very helpful especially for beginners.

Yes… @admin @vijju123 We all would love to have virtual contests on codechef.
It would be great for the whole community…!

@admin Please add this feature to cc.