Practise questions of online round of ACM Amritapuri and ACM Kharagpur 2014

May someone please provide me link to questions of ACM Amritapuri and ACM Kharagpur 2014 online preliminary round for practice purpose?

Brother, have a look at this : Contest Page | CodeChef


Apparently, it is upto the ACM ICPC Regional Directors whether the questions will be put up in the practice section or not, as per their rules, and not upto Codechef.

I guess, after final ranklists are announced, questions might be made public.

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All the problems from the three Regionals online round have been added to the practice section.

But I can only view questions there. I cannot submit my solution for practice purpose.

If your read the ‘Rules and Regulations’ there you would get it, moreover, they may insert it into practice section only when whole of the competition is over. To know more you may contact the admin.