Pre-typed solution in the IDE

Hello everyone. I just got started with Codechef and have been attempting problems in the Beginners section.

Whenever I click on the Submit button, the IDE pops up but the solution is already typed in there. It wasn't there for my first problem and I was wondering if there was a Settings option to turn this off.

Apologies if this is an obvious question. I just got started and fumbled around the website for quite some time before deciding to ask here. Thank you.


yeah they keep ur last solution in case u want to work on it later or maintain base template for code
idk if theres any option to turn it off

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that’s for all the questions?

no only for the recent one
actually whenever u clicked saved

If this is happening for the very first time you try a given problem, it means that the problem was way too easy and it’s for learning and making new users familiar with the online IDE i think. Even i faced this, but it’ll be only for a few problems.

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Thank you for the response. I didn’t know about it.

I joined codechef just yesterday and have been looking at the problems for the first time :sweat_smile: Maybe this a different issue.


Good to know that. Yeah it’s happening for problems in the Beginner’s section and not for problems in the other sections. Thank you so much for sorting this out for me!

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