Preperation guidelines for codevita

Can anyone please suggest some guidelines and resoruces of problems to practice for Codevita 2019 ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


go through past years question for now and for practice they conduct mockvita which is like mocktest so you can practice in that!


What kind of problems can I expect in Pre Qualifier Zonal Round? Where can i find prev year problems?

Most of the problems are implementation based…

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I personally felt that problems of last year codevita were poorly framed
I even mentioned it in the feedback

Yes , and also the problem statements are not framed well

@harish_49 , @bhayanak_atma one question which i want to ask is that can i use predefine librarires in codevita because in the FAQ’s they told that no predefined function are used in c++ or dont use map , STL , but my friend uses map and all libraries and selected so whether i use or not!!!

you can use! I used them and got qualified!

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Yes , we can use them

@harish_49 , @bhayanak_atma Last time i solve 4 questions in 1st round , but the second round is tough for me i cant solve even 1 question in that round , might my set is hard as my friend set is easy as compare to my set , i was able to solve 2 questions from my friend set.

Codevita mostly depends on luck factor :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you got an interview call for solving problems in round 1 or they only call after round 2 @ssrivastava990

bro actually in 2018 i was in 3rd year so they give internship opportunity for them , but currently i m in 4th year , so now i have chance for an interview even if i m selected in round 2(means at least solve 1 problem in round 1).

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So you did internship there or not???

Bro there is no call till now from my college total 5 students selected(from 3rd year) but no call come , and i ask my senior is there is any call or something else , they told me that they recieve call in month july but there is no meaning of intern at that time as our college is started.

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Thanks for sharing bro.