Private Contest

After getting 139 rank in SCAT2020 contest held on 17 September, I received a mail from the organisers to take part in this private contest along with the other participants who got rank < 201 in the preliminary contest.

My doubt is that why are private contest problems that I solved not shown on my profile page? Neither is it shown in problems solved section nor in the recent activity. Same is the case with the Learn DSA series i think. Why is it so?


Thats why its named “private”.
For DSA series, admin told it is intentionally done and in future, they might be added

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If anyone is able to solve the 5-th problem in this contest the plz share your logic
Thanks in advance

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i think i know the logic but couldn’t implement

but what’s the harm in adding the problems solved to the profile?

There is the some criteria for listing your contest on the Contest Page. I don’t know how strict the guidelines are. You can read them here.
It mentions-

  • CodeChef will not be able to provide problems for any contests. However, we can provision for you to use the existing problems from our practice section, if it is a closed contest. It is important for you to know that these problems have publically visible solutions and editorials available for most of them.

no that’s not what i meant, i was asking why the problems i solved do not appear on my profile page

bhai kya hi farak padta hai xD