Prize in contests

Hi all! i’m new here so, just wanted 2 noe:
What are prizes/prize money for different contests in Codechef?

There are cash prizes for long contest as follows :
1st prize global : $400
2nd prize global : $300
1st prize India : Rs 12000
2nd prize India : Rs 8000
There are T-shirts in Long contest for :
Top 10 global .
Top 20 Indian .

There are no cash prizes in cook-off .
There are 10 T-shirts for top 10 global in cook-off .

If Codechef is hosting some external contest , then that contest has its own prizes and that info can be seen on the contest page .


Thank you. I also didn’t know about it.

What if people have same rank . Like in JAN14 14 people had rank 15 . So 14 people will get the t-shirts or 28 people ?

What about lunchtime contests - eg. ?

@admin verify this price money because it is not mention anywhere on contest page

Is the rule that top 20 indians in a long challenge get a T-shirt still in practice. I was in the top 20 indians in November and didn’t get one. Or was it shipped to someone else. Or is the rule that indians who get a global rank of below 20 get t-shirts?