Probably a bug on Junior rating calculation

So after a long time (6 months) of waiting for a rated-for-all contest, I finally participated in yesterday’s February Cookoff! Despite being rusty and such, I still managed to get a positive delta!


Happy with my result, I scrolled down a little to see my Junior rating. Needless to say, I was slightly surprised by my spectacular performance when I managed to get exactly 1000 rating!

So either I have god-given talent to somehow get a -1313 delta, or the rating calculation has a bug somewhere.
Is this a record?

Here is my profile: link

Same question, I’ve seen this on other profiles too, so it probably doesn’t have anything to do with your performance.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll fix this.

Yes, this issue has popped up again, and we are looking into it. Should be fixed in a few days.