Problem Accepting Wrong Solution(MXEVNSUB)

Below problem (Maximum length even Subarray) in today’s contest is accepting wrong solutions.
Just see my submission and you will know why.

WA only ?

So, to have even sum, the number of odd number in the series should be even, it doesn’t depend on whether ‘N’ is even or odd.
e.g.: N=26 gives odd sum but so does N=25, because both 26 and 25 have odd numbers of odd. Therefore for N=26, answer should be N-2.

Yeah, I wrote the explanation in replies.

n*(n+1) will always be even , so it will be definitely divisible by 2

but n*(n+1)/2 can be odd or even → if even print n else print n-1

Just check for N=26, for this ans is n-2, Just read my explanation above.

for n=26, remove 1… add 2+3+4…+26=even
So, n-1

For n = 26, the sum will be 351, and 351-1=350 which is even, so the logic is this:
If the sum is already even, just print n,
Else print n-1. (Imagine that you’re deleting the number “1” from the sequence, now what’s left is a contiguous subsequence)

understand this odd-1=even
even-1 = odd

so the max answer possible is n
if sum of all n numbers is odd → answer = n-1
if sum of all n numbers is even → answer= n

Yeah, now I get it. Thanks.