Problem Classifier for Codechef

Thanks to codechef community there are lots of different problems to solve in codechef practice section. But they are not classified based on algorithm used to solve the problem. If I were to solve problem related graph I had to open every problem and see if it can be solved using graph.
So I was wondering if there exist any problem classifier for practice problem on codechef out their on the internet. Just like ther are problem classifier for spoj (spoj), uva (uva). If anybody knows any codechef classifier or find any classifier please do post, it would be great.


I agree with @argonaut :slight_smile: There must be a problem classifier for codechef :slight_smile:

@chandan11111 here we are talking about practise section so whats the point of cheating??

After learning some DFS algo (for example) If I want to implement it… I have to search a lot of problems in practice section :frowning:

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@argonaut It’s a good idea Im new to codechef and It’s Hard for me to find a problem which improves my skills in graph algo’s. I think classifier makes it easy to find problems of particular section so that we can improve our skills in that particular section :slight_smile:

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We can search like bfs ,dfs ,floyd etc in “Search Here…” box at the top(Spelling needs to be correct). It shows problems and their editorials which are tagged with the searched term . It is not exactly a classifier but it is certainly better to search in it rather than directly searching in practice section.


On another note, it would take away something from the problem’s difficulty as we would already know which technique needs to be applied. A better option would be to, say assign 10 sample problems each for every technique like graph, dynamic programming etc. so that you first hone your skills and then try rest of the problems independently :slight_smile:

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it is not always good to classify problems… this is what i think… because classifying problems restrict ones way of approaching problem… one must think of the problem as a fresh challenge…and while facing in such way, might come up with noble way of solving it…though it may take a little hardwork to get a working solution…

  • Firstly, there does not exist any problem classifier for Code-chef over Internet.
  • Secondly, Neither SPOJ or UVA puts a problem-type tag for any problem on their main site.(Reason already described by @jeeves AND @priyanshuid ). In-fact, the Problem Classifier for them is built by few of the users/participants of the respective online judge website.


  • UVA tool kit, was developed by Famous Coder Mark-Greve.

  • Following SPOJ tool for classification was developed by Ahmed Aly, another famous coder and regular OPC participants.

The premiere motto of presenting above two examples were to encourage any of the code-chef user at this community to take initiative and develop a simple Classification tool for Code-Chef Problems, in any server side Scripting Language.

It won’t take much time. And the developer who will develop it won’t have to search and add problem to the classifier tool.

  • Just Develop it.
  • Then publish it.
  • Ask code-chef users to add problem along with the problem tag, to the classifier. As soon as, any of the user add problem, moderators will get notification for a problem review.

I request any of the codechef user to take initiative to develop such tool.


+1 : I would love to see utilities coming up for Code Chef . I might do some development work for the Code Chef community in future .

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@jeeves I agree with you but it would be very difficult categorize 10 problems of each kind. And also I see lots of hard, medium level problem’s editorials with known algorithm but still can not solve it. So it’s not like you can solve a problem if you know the algorithm.

@ritesh:I would rather voice for a community with majority of undergrad Indian coders to not only develop a classifier tool but which includes a whole bunch of things similar to ahmed aly’s .It wouldn’t be a new idea but surely a big learning curve if we could just implement it and add some more interesting features than aly’s tool .

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Yup Sir, You can take initiative.I wish too see some of the dev work for the codechef community from user like you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In addition to this @betlista has done some similar work earlier for codechef. He Already has code that fetch the problems from codechef problem Archive. @betlista, Its better if u can help in developing classifier.

@kavishrox:Absolutely yes dude. That would be a big learning Curve. Lets See who Stands for it. :slight_smile: