Problem in BEAUTIFUL PRIMES (hackerearth)

I have been trying to solve this question:

I cant even understand its editorial…
Any clue as to how to solve the problem would be of great help…!!!

The tutorial says that for a given prime no. P it’s s ( P) i.e. the sum of all it’s divisors is P (as prime no. Is divisible by only itself)
So S(P^2) = P+P^2
Let’s take an example let p=7
So S(7) = 7 as 7 is a prime no.
S(49)=S(7^2) = 7+49
As there are only two divisors of 49 , that are 7 and 49 itself
So S(P^a)=P+P^2+P^3 and so on till P^a
So the answer will be S(P1^a1)S(P2^a2) and so on for n prime no.
Now the let’s take an example in given sample test case of question
So S(2^2) = 2+4=6
So answer is (6
3*5)=90 which is the answer
Just a last elaboration:
For the question you have to find the sum of all no. With prime factor’s power starting with 1
So answer would be (2^2+2^1) * 3 * 5 for sample test case
Hope it helps you :blush:

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It’s 6 * 3 * 5

Thanks Man… :slight_smile:

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