Problem in new rating system

Hey, since the new elo rating system has been introduced I’m seeing some weird changes in the rating, like the ones who are getting better rank are getting less increase than the ones who are getting comparatively less ranks (even when the current rating of less rankers is more than more rankers).

Like see these cases -

Both of them participated in the same contest in same division, one got rank 1 and other got rank 3, and see the difference the one who got rank 1 got an increase of 3 and the one who got rank 3 got an increase of 222, and the initial ratings of both of them were nearly the same. That’s really a very huge difference.

I’d say some action should be taken regarding this

What are your opinions about this?

UPD: Also to add the difficulty rating of the questions is ridiculous like see this problem DIVBYTHREE Problem | CodeChef, difficulty rating is mentioned 2650, and to become 7 star we need 2500 rating, and this question is surely not this much worth…


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this behavior is explained here: Elo-MMR ratings go live on CodeChef!

here are some quotes that barely sum up your issue:

  • the Elo-MMR rating system goes live (July 2022)
  • To smooth it out [the migration from the old to the new system], CodeChef retroactively computed everyone’s current Elo-MMR ratings in the backend, but will continue to show the original CodeChef rating. Every time you compete, your backend Elo-MMR (MM) rating will be updated, and then your public CodeChef (CC) rating will be pulled closer to your MM rating.
  • World champion gennadyis the main outlier, with CC - MM = 1079. Thus, over the next 10 or so contests that it will take for the new ratings to come into effect, he is expected to lose about 1000 points. Thanks Gennady, for understanding and being fine with this!

Note that gennady korotkevich lost 243 rating in his last contest, even though he got first place.