Problem in November Challenge 2018,i.e, Appy Loves One.

What is the best algorithm or any short way to solve this problem Appy Loves One ,Please explain.?? I got only 30 pts,for brute force solution??

I think this problem and its editorial definitely will help you.

The editorial for this problem is here (link), which gives a few possibilities.

My own approach was:

  • deal with the cases where there are no ones, one one or all ones
  • find the runs of ones, if necessary with wraparound
  • sort to find the longest such run and its position, plus the next longest, if any
  • track the rotation described in the question as a mark moving through the array (representing the break)
  • assess the mark position when a readout is required, to see if it’s in the largest run of ones.
  • if so, calculate the longest intact run (otherwise the longest run is the answer)