Problem in Sample Output of GAME01

I have a doubt in Sample input of this question of challenge SSOC2021.

They say we have to print all unique numbers in ascending order which are divisible by 3

in it, the input is:

    4 5 
    3 6 7 9 
    3 6 10 8 11

while the output is

3 6

Whereas, i think, according to this, even 9 should come in the output.

The numbers should be present in both of the arrays.

The Contest is Still Running, I don’t feel it is appropriate to help someone while the contest is running.

Actually u have to find the no.s divisible by 3 which is present in both the arrays
here in the first array 3 6 9 are no.s divisible by 3 and appear once
and in second array 3 6 are divisible and appear once so u need common no.s of both arrays


Ok, Thank you :smiley: