Problem of the universe

I am new to CodeChef. I am having issues with solving the first challenge - Life the universe and everything.

My code is in python and runs correctly, but I don’t understand why it does not work on codechef.

# cook your dish here
while True:
  number = int(input('enter a number'))
  if number == 42:

instead of
int(input(“Enter a number”))
just use

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Just follow the input and output format as mentioned in the problem statement.

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@dormordo, I have tried that too. It does not work.

You are not providing any custom input

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Sorry @dormordo I don’t understand what you are referring to as the custom input. I thought the input function only accepts a prompt?

enter the following. You program will stop taking inputs after you enter 42.


There’s a check box a bit to the left of run, click that. Then you’ll see a box for input and put numbers there