Problem: Primality Test, Problem Code: PRB01

Getting wrong answer for my code, but test cases approve it. Whats the problem? and any changes that i should make to correct it.
problem link
my solution link

Your code wrong output.

Actually bro in this problem constraints are from 1 ≤ N ≤ 100000. So N can be 1 .
1 is not a prime number( Debatable topic some consider it is prime ).However most of the times constraints for prime number is starts from 2 due to this reason but in this problem 1 is included. Your program is wrong because it is showing 1 as a prime number and producing “yes” in output and also it is time consuming.

link for right solution which can be further optimized I just improved your solution

Your codewrong output

Your code is too slow. If it will be produced right output then also it will give TLE.
However I am checking for errors in it.