Problem Regarding change in Graph of ratings

I have competed in July Long challenge 2020 & rating has been changed but still in graph there is not showing any July long challenge rating ,where in case of most of friend’s profile the rating of July Long Challenge has been showing . @admin pls look into this issue.


Same problem

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Same problem here too… now the rating is also vanished…
CodeChef needs an efficient server.
In case of code,they want that in less than 1 second…but the irony is their server owns the worst time complexity :sweat_smile: and very old approach . Sorry if I hurt anyone’s belief.

Edit : mera 1.5 hour baad problem fix ho geya.

Exactly first my rating increased to 1749 now suddenly its showing the previous one…

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Let’s wait & watch till tomorrow.

Now it’s completely ok from my side & i think everyone’s problem has been resolved.

Have patience before posting lol

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Rectified now

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