Problem solved

if a problem is solved in either the contest or practice mark it as solved.

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@im_chintu - this already happens. For example, you recently solved DOMINANT in the recent starters.
Search this link on the practice page and you will find it there with a green tick - CodeChef

Several cloud service companies have come to the realization that it may not be the best idea to be completely private, public or data center, and that a combination of two or all options may be the wisest way forward. Connected clouds, say experts, will continue to innovate and develop so that they can meet the dynamic requirements of companies. This will be regardless of whether the customer requirement is for outsourcing storage, security, networking, or deployment of applications Cloud provider giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Alibaba are all moving towards connecting clouds. We are likely to hear the term ‘Multicloud’ more often, and with more excitement, as this method is most likely to provide a secure, streamlined, and seamless experience for the end user. A combination of workloads running in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments is likely to be the way for most businesses in 2019.

I had solved BINMIS in a contest → it gives a green tick on the problem listing page

It also gives a green tick on the main problem page

It also comes under ‘attempted’ in the relevant difficulty range