Problem with wrong answer but output is correct

Output is correct but showing that wrong answer when I’m submitting my code.
Link of my code -: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
Please help me .
Please comment the correct path of this code in comment box of my incorrect solution.

Factorial of 100 is


The maximum value you can store in primitive data type is


Now can you find out the reason for WA?

No , Please explain it because I’m begineer .
Is there any fault with data type ?

Hope this helps.

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You can also use “boost/multiprecision/cpp_int” in C++ for integers where precision of integers may be large and is not known to you.

Will codechef accept this library.

Yes you can use this library in codechef, you just have to include it separately.

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Thanks Sir . Love from Backbencher of tier 3 college.