The site itself is tough to understand i.e., the interface is entirely difficult to get. And the code writing is not visible when we read the question and when we code we can’t find the question. Just to solve one question we are swapping between tabs to just read. Even the testcases which are given in question won’t come to code for trial run. When we submit it won’t show the error if the code is wrong. Then how can we understand the problems. To say literally it’s like handling a super computer without prior knowledge of it.

If you are not using the IDE mode, then please do. Just above the tab where you write your code, you will see an option which says "switch to IDE mode."

Nope, it isn’t. Firstly, you should have 2 tabs, one containing the question, and one which contains your code. This is because your code will not get lost if you do it in this manner. Secondly, there is an option below the code in the IDE mode, which says “Custom Input” Use that button as the sample test cases. And what else do you need, in fact, there are hundreds of options to choose a background theme too. You just need to explore things, you will start liking it soon!

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