Problems in AlgoFuzz 19.1 Qualifier

The sample test case for the problem BLIND LOVE is wrong. The answer should be 2.
This question is copied from here. They couldn’t even properly copy the questions. Also the problem MATHS LOVE initially had wrong tester solution and later all the submissions were rejudged. Most of the problems in this contest are copied from Atcoder and various other sites.

What is the point of having such contests. These types of contests deteriorate the quality of Codechef. Because of these contest Indian Coding Community is frowned upon by others.




Lol. Even CHOCOS is copied from codechef LONG challenge June LENTMO :laughing: :rofl:

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Yes, it is Subtask 1 of LENTMO

I wrote a solution which gave answer 2 for BLIND LOVE but as I found it wrong (not matching with sample). So i thought order is fixed. I submitted my solution just after reading this post and boom! It passed. What’s the point in putting the wrong samples ?

And they have made the comments public now. Why didn’t during the contest itself. Even one person asked the question why answer is not 2. But they didn’t reply for that.

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Agreed ! This contest was a total mess.
I solved blind love but the example made me to try another way of solving it.