problems needed

Can someone suggest some problems(can be from anywhere) where I need to deal with lots of corner cases… Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


what if i mail u some good hard random problem link from geeksforgeeks or hackerRank or Codechef daily but u have to do same for me, mail some good problem daily… what u say?

Hey hemant if you mean we will be learninh parallely then ofcourse i am in. Hopefully both of us will be benifitted. We can share some good problems we solve everyday with each other and later that day or next day discuss them

wow, this is a pretty useful question. However I guess it is also a bit relative. Not every corner case is tough for everyone.

@hemant_dhanuka if possible please post the links here !

it will be very helpful for all :slight_smile:

And I thought that this topic was dead …:stuck_out_tongue: