Problems on (segment trees, range queries, interval trees, k-d trees, Binary index trees)

Hi {guys,girls},

I’ve been participating in long competitions and trying to break the barrier of 7 questions(no success till date :()
I get stuck on problems associated with range queries, trees etc(QTREE*, GERALD2, QPOINT, MONOPLOY, and the list continues)

I want to learn all these trees and put a nail into the coffin once for all and I think If we could share some problems related to these concepts(codechef, spoj, codeforces, topcoder), it would be helpful for all the fellow coders.

TOPICS: Segment trees, lazy propagation, interval trees, splay trees, link-cut trees, Binary index trees, Kd trees, Quad trees, range queries, EVERYTHING \m/

Here are some problems I’ve found.


Please add to this list. Thanks in advance


@nitinj appreciate your initiative !

lightoj has two category for segment tree related problems.

You can find a large collection of segment tree / BIT problems here : Programming and Algorithms: 700 problems to understand you complete algorithmic programming.

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You people can also use this link in order to find the problems of your choice …Be it a Segment tree problem or a dp problem or some other algo or data structure

Hey, Check out this link. Nice website with the best UI so far and problems classified according to categories from 20+ OJ!

We can search here: accoding to tags, categories :slight_smile:
Also, I will be adding to this list if I get something.

@nitinj , if it is possible, it would be good if the problems are somewhat sorted according to the level of difficulty. Would really help beginners of this topic to master it :slight_smile: