Problems that was executed was not updated as completed and problems count is not decreasing

the programs that i have submitted in my essential coding task is executed successfully but the problems number count is still not decreasing that how many are left for me to solve and its been two days i continously solving the 100 problems day by day its still not updating my problems count that i have solved please solve my issue so that i can report to my faculty to change my count on the problems i have solved and please update me with your reply

Can you share a screenshot?

yeah but can you solve my issue and for today i have completed all the 100 problems but yesterdays problems solutions havent been updated

today i have finally completed all 65 problems but my problem count is still not decreasing
can you help me to solve my problem

here in codechef they are submitted correctly but in ccc account provided by my college is not showing that how many i have left to solve the problems so these scrrenshots are enough for you to understand my problem so please try to find a solution for this problem and mail id is “”