Problems with Kotlin - unable to submit code

Hi everyone,
I’m new and I’m trying to solve problems with Kotlin language but I’m noticing that:

  • auto completion doesn’t work
  • submission always returns NZEC error due to input problems

I can live without code completion but the 2nd issue is blocking me from solving anything. I tried to use InputBuffer and Scanner but the result is the same. I also googled it but I was not able to find any video in which someone explains how to use Kotlin here.

The strange fact is that it works when I use custom input but it doesn’t when I submit.
I’m using the form

fun main(args: Array<String>) { --- }

As I noticed that removing args: Array<String> caused other problems.

Could someone help me, please?

I hope it will help.

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Hi @pankaj_chopra,
thanks it finally works! How do you know that a problem requires a Long?
It’s not so easy to understand from a NZEC :neutral_face: