Procedure for withdrawl of team from one site

my team in second in my university in acm icpc and the team which is first have registered on same sites that we have registered but team is ready to withdraw the name from one site so whats the procedure??please help??
can they withdraw the name after first list has come??

They Can Self Cancel their team at baylor site.
BUT, I believe, even if they cancel, It would not affect selection. i.e, You’ll NOT be promoted to 1st ranked team from your college, even if they withdraw.
For a simple reason : one might threaten a team to not to participate. So, most probably you won’t be selected even then .

@admin @vijju Is it possible if one team withdraws from one site the 2nd ranked team coud be considered for selection criteria as 1st ranked team?

According to codechef this withdarwl thing is allowed and in second list you get promoted if the team has removed from one site

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I don’t know about that. Can u please post the link of the same