Profile data incorrect

something is wrong with my profile data, it is not showing me right data, and it is showing less partially accepted submission in pie chart than there are in list of below.

here is a image Link

You shouldn’t look into the Problems Solved section, it will not match with your pie chart. The pictograph (pie-chart) is representation of your submissions from Recent Activity.

Can anyone check my profile, highest rating is lesser than the actual rating, graph rating and rating distribution is not showing the June challenge record

that submission part was correct till today, it didn’t showed my submissions on DSA learning series.
still data is not correct.

Something’s fishy with your profile, may be it will be updated soon. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Nothing to worry, have some patience and once again go through all of your submissions. You’ll definitely find the reason for Wrong answers dominating AC solutions in the pie chart. Anyways, Pie chart is just to know what percentage of submissions are wrong or right…, Don’t worry.