I’m trying to upload an “Animated GIF” as a profile picture, but when i upload any GIF, it doesn’t animate/move. It is being uploaded as a static image.

Earlier when i used to upload GIFs, they used to animate. But now its not happening.

Also I upload file sizes less than 1mb (as mentioned by codechef) having aspect ratio 1:1

Please Help!
Thank You!

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Pardon me for piggy-backing on this thread, but I have a stupid question that doesn’t deserve its own thread - how do you actually set your Profile Picture on XD? I’ve managed to set it on ssjgz | CodeChef User Profile for Simon St James | CodeChef, but can’t see how to set it on these forums!

I’ve been poking around inside, but the closest I can find is “User Card Background” and “Profile Background”, which don’t seem to be it.


Oh, it’s randomly showing up, now. Looks like you don’t have to do anything except change your profile pick on and wait(??)

I had the same problem. So basically you change your original codechef profile pic, and after next rated contest they will update both place

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I don’t seem to find any difference in these two when i update my preferences. The profile background changes, but not the user card bacground. Am i misinterpreting something?

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no i wasn’t able to see where the user card was being implemented. but just now came to know it’s that short description that comes when i hover on a profile.
P.S.: I don’t see that my question was so hilarious that it requires this