Programming practices and learning

Hey fellow programmers! I am a beginner in competetive programming.I know basics of programming and a few brute force approaches to solve the problems.Eventually,that does not work out in case of problems that need implementation of a few algorthims.

I want help in this.I want a list of topics(from basic to advanced(both algorithms and mathematical concepts)) so that I can begin with algorithms.

For eg. I can start with arrays/strings and then move on to algorithmic topics sequentially.

It will be kind of you if you give me the list of references from where I can take help.


Hope this is of help to you. Just don’t take anything for granted in my answer. I am not a pro.


You can learn a lot from here. All the best :smile:


Link seems to be broken

My bad… Fixed it! :upside_down_face:

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Check this also .
Check this out it contains sequence wise topics of data structures and algorithms with problems and their editorials from beginner to expert.

Yeah!This helps.
This is rather more sequential and understandable than other replies on the post

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