Progression of rating in questions

I just gave another contest, one thing I have seen after all my Div 2 rounds is that the progression of rating is something like 1000-1200, 1400-1600 1800-1900 then a sudden spike to 2400+, and finally around 2800.
This happened in the last contest, a lot of people solved up to the 1900 mark and then only a few solved the rest of the questions.
Instead of this why isn’t the toughness increased more gradually? In that way, the ratings will be better assigned, as it will be more on the problem-solving part and less on how fast you solved the problem(which is also an important aspect, I agree).
Currently, I see 500 accepted submissions on the 3rd question, then only 50 on the next one, and 7 on the one after that.
The 4th question should be rated 2100-2200, which will make the submissions look something like:
1200 900 500 150 50 7
instead of:
1200 900 500 50 7 7

Rating isn’t decided before contest. The rating of a particular question is subjected to how many people were able to successfully solve in a live contest.

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I see, that makes sense.
I guess the right answer is to “Get Good”.