Projects for internship

i want to apply for interships .can anyone give some ideas for development projects.Thanks in advance

For internships I think it’s okay to put college projects in resume.No need to learn and than build.

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i just got into 3rd year so i haven’t done any clj projects

do then

since you have not started with the projects, what i suggest is do projects which are little bit related to your dream companies. So that you get high chance of getting selected.
it is good if you have a UI and backend. Do projects which use angular and python/ java / node.
check on API’s.
All the best.


I am not saying to add any big projects.

Internship season is currently going on so try to apply with best resume you can prepare.
there is no time for building project right now. however if you know some what of development in any domain you can try to build small project.

main part is coding round and interview.

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