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Can anyone of you tell me where i can study Pseudocode from?


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Right here (Adapted from Deitel, Paul J.
C++ : how to program / P.J. Deitel, H.M. Deitel. – 8th ed.)

Pseudocode (or “fake” code) is an artificial and informal language that helps you develop
algorithms without having to worry about the details of C++ language syntax. The pseudocode
we present is helpful for developing algorithms that will be converted to structured
C++ programs. Pseudocode is similar to everyday English; it’s convenient and user friendly,
although it isn’t an actual computer programming language.
Pseudocode does not execute on computers. Rather, it helps you “think out” a program
before attempting to write it in a programming language, such as C++.
The style of pseudocode we present consists purely of characters, so you can type
pseudocodeconveniently, using any editor program. A carefully prepared pseudocode program
can easily be converted to a corresponding C++ program. In many cases, this simply
requires replacing pseudocode statements with C++ equivalents.